My Top 6 Books of 2016

Reading is such a core discipline for Christians (and one in which I am seeking to grow).  So, to encourage and equip you, along with allowing me to reflect and remember all I’ve read this year, here are my 6 favorite books I’ve read this year (in no particular order).

1)      Leadership Mosaic by Daniel Montgomery

I got this book for free at the Sojourn Network conference and from the first page was hooked (also, it being free didn’t hurt matters any!).  Montgomery talks about leadership in a theological and practical way.  This book provides a helpful structure for considering our leadership abilities, along with those of our team.

2)      Seeking Refuge: On the Shores of the Global Refugee Crisis by Stephan Bauman, Matthew Soerens, Dr Issam Smeir

The largest global crisis we are facing is that of the refugee crisis.  The authors of this work seek to equip and prepare believers to be a light in time of need.  Every Christian should pick this up and pray about how they can serve the refugee communities near them

3)      Family Worship by Don Whitney

This little book provides all the resources someone needs to begin family worship.  The whole concept of Family worship seemed daunting to me before this book.  Also, it can be read in one short sitting if needed!  P.S. Don Whitney will be speaking at a Free Conference in Owensboro next month, more details here

4)    Understanding the Koran: A Quick Christian Guide to the Muslim Holy Book by Manteen Elaas

This is one of two books on the list regarding Islam.  Today most the unreached in the world live in Muslim contexts.  Also, with all the news stories and misunderstanding regarding Islam, this book helps to give an informed introduction.

5)      What Every Christian Needs to Know About the Qur’an by James White

James White offers a more in-depth, scholarly consideration of the Islam and the Quran.  This is a must read for any Christian interested in engaging Islam on a deeper level.  Also, the reference sections in the back are very well put together!

6)      A Peculiar Glory by John Piper

To me, this is the must pick up book of the year.  Piper gives an impassioned and informed defense of the truthfulness of the Scripture.  This will be a book I hope will be used by God to awaken and to equip believers for many generations to come.  You can pick up a free PDF here

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